Immigration Facts

//Immigration Facts

According to Canada Immigration Facts and Figures year 2014, following programs were the most popular among Temporary and Permanent Visas:

I. Temporary Visas
– 1. Work Permit
a. Live in Caregivers
b. Agricultural workers
c. International Mobility Exchange
1. Agreements such as NAFTA and GATS,
2. Canadian Interest
– significant benefit,
– reciprocal employment,
– competitiveness and public policy
d. H & C work permit holder
e. PR purpose work permit holder

2 – Study Permit ( India is the second source country , and Manitoba and Northwest territory are two major destinations)

3 – Refugee ( Pakistan is the second source country and India is 15th)

II. Permanent Visas (in order)
Top 6 source countries are Philippines, India (38,341 PR), China, Iran (16,781 PR), Pakistan (9,128 PR), USA (8,496 PR). Ontario was a final destination for 95,814 PR )

– 1. Family class (66,000 PR)
a. Spousal sponsorship
b. Child sponsorship
c. Parental sponsorship

– 2. Economic immigrants (165,000 PR), source region is Asia and Pacific
a. Skilled workers
b. Investors
c. PNP applicants
d. Live in Caregivers
e. Entrepreneurs
f. Self employeds

– 3. Refugees (23,000 PR), source region is Africa and the Middle East

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